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Fighting Bad Breath

Do you think you may have bad breath or want to help someone with halitosis? Find out more about the causes and solutions in our easy-to-follow guide.

Girl trying to keep her breath inside in a funny grimace

If you think you may have bad breath or want to help someone with halitosis, the good news is that it can often be resolved quickly and easily. Although it can be an awkward subject, bad breath is a common concern that can be due to a number of causes.

Bad breath usually stems from bacteria in the mouth, resulting from not brushing properly or food being left between the teeth. It can also be caused by unclean dentures and orthodontic appliances, or by a poor tongue cleaning.

Gum disease, throat infections, sinus problems, gastric problems and dehydration can also lead to bad breath. In severe cases, bacteria in the mouth release gases, leading to chronic bad breath.

Sometimes bad breath is only temporary. Transient halitosis, as this condition is known, may be a result of plaque accumulation, not drinking enough fluids, eating certain foods with odours, smoking, or consuming alcohol.

Smart solutions

The best way to avoid bad breath is to stick to a good oral hygiene routine, a healthy diet and to drink lots of water to keep your mouth fresh.

When bad breath does occur, brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning, and mouth washing can all help to get rid of the bacteria that causes halitosis.

You may also like to try our GUM® HaliControl™ range, which includes four different solutions specifically developed to combat bad breath: a toothpaste, a rinse, a tongue cleaner, and tablets for on-the-go

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